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No Hassles.  No kidding!  The ROLT Exclusive Memberships are our recurring monthly plans.  We don’t lock you in for a year; !!SAVINGS!!


  • Monthly Unlimited Beds 1-4
  • 10% Discount on Products
  • $10 Rewards
  • Discounted Upgrades to Ruby & Diamond SunBeds


  • Monthly Unlimited Beds 1-6
  • 15% Discount on  Products
  • $15 Rewards
  • Includes Tanning in Pearl
  • Discounted Upgrade to Diamond SunBed


  • Monthly Unlimited Beds 1-7
  • 20% Discount on Products
  • $20 Rewards
  • Includes Tanning in Pearl & Ruby Sun Beds


  • Monthly Unlimited in Beds 1-8
  • 25% Discount on Products
  • $25 Rewards
  • Includes Tanning in Pearl, Ruby, & Diamond Sun Beds


  • Monthly Unlimited Beds 1-8
  • 30% Discount on  Products
  • 1 Every 6 Days
  • 8 Hour Solution
  • Monthly Unlimited Beds 1-8
  • 35% Discount on Products
  • 1 Every 6 Days
  • 3 Hour Solution
An Enrollment Fee of $14.99 is required
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Pearl $10
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Diamond $20
Emerald $25

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Did you know that products purchased from unauthorized retailers, such as internet outlets or black markets can be counterfeit, stolen, old, under-filled, partially used, contaminated or otherwise manipulated? Don’t buy from an unauthorized source!

Tanning Packages and Levels

Non-contract, cancel anytime Sunbed memberships 
Sunbed and Sunless Memberships starting as low as $19.88 a month
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Discounts on products
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Ask a staff member about purchasing a

Double Dip Tanning Cocktail! Starting at $35


What is a Double Dip Tanning Cocktail?

A combination of a sunbed tan followed immediately by a sunless session.
Why Should You Try One?
Sunbed tanning uses UVA and UVB light to trigger melanin production, while opening up your pores and allowing the sunless spray solution to penetrate your skin. This produces an even darker, deeper and longer-lasting tan.

Double Dip

  • 5 Minute Sunbed 
  • Basic Sunless

Pearl Tanning

The Sundash Competition 232gf  is the salons level 1 bed. It is comparatively better than any other house bed in the surrounding area! Unlike most salons where you need to tan for 20-30 minutes, the competition gives you a better tan in 15 minutes or less. This bed boasts 32 120 watt bulbs with 11 extra facial bulbs with intense color and gives a head start on your tan or boost you tan to the next level.


  • Single Visit – $6.00
  • 5 Visits – $25.00
  • 10 Visits - $40.00
  • One Month Unlimited – $35.00
  • Yearly – $199.00

Ruby Tanning

The strength of the Ergoline Ambition 300 is apparent by its use of 40 Genesis technology Turbo and Super Power lamps, high-pressure facial tanners and extended tanning surface. The large rotary fan is quiet, yet it sends a refreshing stream of cool air to produce a pleasant tanning environment. Tanning clients are kept at the perfect temperature so they don’t lose their cool. Continuing the Ambition 300’s comfort is its perfectly shaped acrylic. The Body Curve acrylic’s extended tanning surface positions the tanner for an even distribution of UV light and makes it as comfortable as a much larger sunbed. All the power in the Ambition 300 is easy to control thanks to the easy-to-understand and well-placed button.


  • Single Visit – $8.00
  • 5 Visits – $35.00
  • 10 Visits - $55.00
  • One Month Unlimited – $50.00​
  • Yearly – $299.00

Diamond Tanning

With 50 Turbo Power 170-watt UV lamps, 4 Ultra Performance 500-watt facial tanners, and integrated shoulder tanner, the Ergoline 600 raises the bar in terms of comfort and performance. This bed is designed to break through your traditional tanning plateau to get you the results you desire. The wide Body Shape acrylic provides a relaxing tanning position with plenty of room


  • Single Visit – $12.00
  • 5 Visits – $45.00
  • 10 Visits - $70.00
  • One Month Unlimited – $65.00​
  • Yearly – $399.00

Emerald Tanning

The SS 756V Stand Up Bed is a new addition to the Ray of Light Family. WIth 56 NEW 200 Watt bulbs, you are sure to be bronze after laying in this 8 minute machine. After laying in this bronze boosting, color enhancing bed, you will not want to go back after the just off the beach color you have.


  • Single Visit – $14.00
  • 5 Visits – $55.00
  • 10 Visits - $85.00
  • One Month Unlimited – $80.00​
  • Yearly – $499.00




Single Customized Airbrush Spray  – $30.00  
The Ultimate Airbush  – $40.00
Ask a staff member about purchasing a
Double Dip Tanning Cocktail! Starting at $35
Our Custom Airbrush Solution is the Official Product Of Dancing With The Stars!

Ray of Light Tanning Salon offers top-of-the-line airbrush tanning formulations by Norvell®.  Norvell® sunless tanning gives you a beautiful instant bronze with a smooth transition to a gorgeous, natural glow.  Results are guaranteed across a broad spectrum of skin shades and tones, and our certified airbrush experts will make sure to perfectly match your color with your complexion.  Norvell®’s skin firming formulas build and restore your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Highly concentrated antioxidant blends combat the daily signs of skin damage. With Norvell®, you can go as dark or as subtle as you like, and we guarantee you’ll never end up looking orange or "faux".

Norvell®’s Natural Actives Sunless Complex™ is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients combined together to optimize, build, and extend sunless tanning results like never before.

  • Time Release Micro Capsules hold and bind moisture within the skin to provide 24 hour hydration.
  • Natural Enzymes repair weak, dehydrated skin and promote the efficiency of the body’s own natural moisturization.
  • Unique Dermal Barrier locks DHA within the top layer of skin, providing longer lasting, deeper color results.  With proper maintenance, color lasts 5-7 days, with an even fade over time.
  • Advanced DHA Odor Encapsulation molecules ‘trap’ and virtually eliminate common sunless odor. The formula is guaranteed non-sticky and fast drying.
  • Just off the Beach Color™ patented blend of Organic Eco-Cert® DHA and bronzers found only in Norvell® Professional Products – you’ll never look “orange”, we guarantee it!

Worried about the environment?  Don't be!  Norvell® is 100% ORGANIC!

If you’ve given up parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other things that are not so kind to your skin and the environment, you’re in good company. Norvell® has eliminated all these ingredients from its formulas and instead lavished them with the purest, most natural skin nutrients on the planet. The products use a proprietary Natural Actives Sunless Complex™ featuring eco-certified, organic DHA (dihydroxyacetone). The products are 100% vegan and gluten-free as well.

All airbrush tanning is by appointment only!  Call the Salon to schedule an appointment.  Questions about airbrush tanning? 

Benefits of a spray tan

  • Boost your self-confidence, feel fantastic, look radiant and be the envy of your friends.
  • Maintain a healthy, natural, golden glow anywhere and anytime.
  • Provides a smooth, streak-free, even application .
  • Accentuate your features and appear slimmer.
  • Even out skin imperfections, minimize the appearance of stretch marks & varicose veins.
  • Perfect for special occasions, spa parties, bridal parties, prior to vacations or last minute tanning.
  • Allows for the tanning of specific body regions or hard to tan areas.
  • Eliminates tan lines.
  • Quick and Convenient alternative to traditional tanning
  • Choose your desired level of darkness and achieve instant results.
  • Combine with a short UV Tanning session for a ‘tanning cocktail’ allowing accelerated tanning results.

Prepare your skin for spray tanning

The first steps to getting the perfect sunless tan happen before you even get to the tanning salon:

Shower, shave and exfoliate your skin.
Avoid using moisturizers and lotions that are not specially formulated for sunless tanning before your sunless session.
Avoid wearing perfumes or make-up that provides a barrier for absorption.
Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session.

Proper skin care before, during and after sunless tanning will extend the life and look of your tan. 

We carry the highest-quality indoor tanning products available:

Pre-sunless: Exfoliating and moisturizing products accelerate your tan and produce deeper, darker results.
Body Wash: Sulfate free - keep your tan from rinsing down the drain.
Self-tanners: Great way to keep your tan between sessions.
Post-sunless: Provide a fresh fragrance, extend your tan and prevent fading.

Don't Waste a Minute of Your Tanning Session!  Did you know that tanning dry skin wastes the first 5 - 7 minutes of your session?  Dry skin deflects UV while healthy, moist skin absorbs UV.  Not using a quality indoor tanning lotion undermines the time you take to achieve your golden glow, and increases exfoliation between sessions, which means that your tan fades faster than your summer memories!  Ray of Light Tanning offers the latest breakthroughs in skin conditioning technology, with top-of-the-line lotion brands including Devoted Creations, Sun Evolutions, Synergy Tan, Snooki, Kardashian, Ed Hardy, Hempz, Norvell, and much more.  Accelerators, maximizers, bronzers and tinglers work their magic by incorporating natural and science-based ingredients to dramatically improve your results and help your tan last and last.  We also feature specialty lotions for face and legs that provide targeted care for these sensitive and occasionally 'tough to tan' areas!  We recommend that you use your lotion every time you tan to maximize your gorgeous color and keep your skin silky-soft.  Our expert STAFF will help you choose the right lotion for your skin type and complexion.  Stop in for a free lotion consult before your next tanning session!
Email a staff member for the perfect lotion thats just right for you.......
Don’t think about hitting that tanning sun bed without the proper lotion!  It should be a tanning lotion made specifically for indoor tanning or you might be regretting your tanning lotion choice later!  What’s the difference, you ask? The best indoor tanning lotions will help you maintain a perfect sun-kissed glow through all seasons. Email or message a ROLTANNING STAFF member with your question!!!
Don't Forget, Guys Need Lotion, Too!

First of all, you can burn being exposed to any UV ray. It's just that different types of UV rays can make you more prone to burning than others.  Both UVA and UVB ARE necessary to tan, and both have advantages and disadvantages. 

Without getting into too much boring science, here are the main differences between UVA and UVB rays:
  • UVB - UVB rays are wavier rays that are not able to penetrate your skin as deeply as UVA rays.  Because these rays hit more of the top layers of your skin, you are more prone to burning by exposure to UVB rays vs UVA rays. UVB rays, however, are required to start the tanning process because these rays activate the melanin production process. They are crucial to both starting your tan, and keeping it going, because you need UVB rays to produce melanin. UVB's other advantage is that it is key in producing vitamin D naturally in your body.
  • UVA - UVB rays produce the melanin, while UVA rays take that melanin and brown it. Tanning in a bed with higher doses of UVB will give you a pink tan, whereas tanning in a bed with higher doses of UVA will give you a brown tan. UVA rays are not as wavy, which allows them to penetrate more deeply into your skin. This is an advantage to keeping your tan last longer, however it is a disadvantage because deeper penetration contributes more to wrinkling. 

Those of you who have tanned in, or have heard of, "non-burning beds", "bronzing beds", or "high-pressure beds", these are tanning beds that have mostly UVA rays, with minimal UVB rays. The advantage to these beds is that you can get a tan very quickly, it will last longer, and you almost never receive a sunburn.  The disadvantage to these beds is that you are producing virtually no vitamin D, you are speeding up your "wrinkling" process, and you are not adequately providing yourself with a base tan that protects you from harsh outdoor sun. If you were to only tan in a high-pressure bed prior to going to Mexico in March, when you arrive in Mexico,  your skin is not acclimated to a more natural mix of UVA and UVB and you will likely sunburn. So the bed you choose should be carefully chosen to suit your goals.  Work with a Ray of Light Tanning STAFF Member to discuss the perfect bed mix for your skin type and tanning goals.
  • (%)

What is Skin Care?

Skincare is ALWAYS your # 1 Priority!!!!!!
Prepping and Maintaning to Protect, Nourish, and Firm skin!

Purchase these Favorite Essentials Below. Make them part of your Tanning Regimen today!!!


Prep Your Skin

Proper preparation allows you to achieve a faster and darker tan, to do this you should exfoliate prior to coming to roltanning and once a week to maintain.
Using a gentle exfoliating cleanser will wash away your skins dead skin cells bringing healthy new cells to the surface ready to absorb UV rays. Moisturized skin holds a better tan as well, so regular moisturizing at home will keep your skin healthy and help you to hold your tan much longer.
Body Wash

Regular use of harsh soaps can shorten the life of your tan. The essential oils from your skin form a moisture lock, when these oils are depleted they leave tanned skin cells vulnerable to be washed away or lightened. Shower gels with less alkaline pH levels are less likely to strip natural oils from the skin.

Don't age those lips, protect them with lip balm specifically for indoor tanning!
Your lips produce very little melanin and are prone to UV-overexposure, so you should always protect them with a sunscreen.
Moisturize Daily
Moisturzing locks in moisture and enhances your tanning results. Our salon quality products are designed to preserve and enhance your tan. They offer the added benefit of minerals and nutrients key to developing and maintaining your healthy tan and skin.
Tanology - Over the counter moisturizers often contain mineral oil, which can not only clog your pores, but also strip away your tan. 

Hair Protection 

UV light can dry your hair as well as lighten it. Always cover your hair especially if you color it. Purchase your Tannie Today.

Protect your Nails and Toes

UV light can cause a yellowing of the top coat (clear color) of your salon nails and toes. There are some products that can be applied over your clear coat - called UV protector. But, over time those products can still allow UV light to affect the outer color of your nails. Nail Savers - plastic covers that slip over your nails and toes - are a better way to insure your nails and toes stay beautiful!

BleachBright Teeth Whitening System

Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening

  • Single Visit – $50.00 for a 15 Minute Session (retail $99.95)

Talk about multi-tasking!  Why not whiten your teeth while you tan?  Go 1-3 shades whiter in the FIRST session with our BleachBright product line and 2-8 shades brighter and whiter over time!

BleachBright cosmetic teeth whitening products are the best in the industry. It’s a revolutionary system that will give you the whiter smile that you want, while you tan, and in the comfort of your own home!  BleachBright provides “professional” level teeth whitening at a fraction of the price, and it’s easy to maintain over time. 

Over time, teeth can yellow and become stained. It's an unpleasant fact. The food we eat and our daily habits will stain the dentin of our teeth, and as we age, our teeth tend to yellow. But whatever our age or lifestyle, we all want a beautiful smile!  BleachBright is here to make sure that you get and maintain a whiter smile.  BleachBright will reverse the effects from coffee, tea, cola, and tobacco products, and keep your smile looking its brightest!  BleachBright’s UV kit is especially designed for use in tanning booths, and you will be amazed at the results.

Check out all our BleachBright products - gels, whitening kits, whitening trays and more – available at our front desk.

The Science behind the BB Cool Advanced Whitening System:


BleachBright’s exclusive mouthpieces form to the body of the teeth, eliminating the need for
expensive custom made trays. The unique gel formula inside theprefilled mouthpiece is specially
formulated to respond to the exact wavelength setting on the state of the art light. The combination
of the two creates the most effective whitening possible.


The BB Cool exclusive light is specifically calibrated to the precise nanometer level that is optimal for teeth whitening. The wavelength of the light is the most important factor in teeth whitening. BleachBright’s exclusive BB-Cool light is meticulously calibrated in the manufacturing process.


BleachBright products are placed perfectly into pressure pockets in the mouthpiece. This creates a squeezing effect and forces the intentionally thick carbamide peroxide gel solution into the very structure of each tooth.


The amazing BleachBright products work in conjunction with pressure and controlled spectrum light rays that beam through the patent-pending mouthpiece. A 100% safe and painless reaction is catalyzed to create an internal mouth temperature that optimizes the activation of the carbamide peroxide solution. Hydroxyl radical activity is intensified – and your teeth are rapidly whitened from between two to eight shades.


The BleachBright Teeth Whitening System combines light, pressure, heat and the ultimate carbamide peroxide gel solution to minimize the exposure time necessary to achieve noticeably beautiful enhancements to your smile.

Exclusive  SUNLESS 
Auto Pay 

No Hassles.  No kidding!  The ROLT Exclusive Memberships are our recurring monthly plans.  We don’t lock you in for a year; !!SAVINGS!!
  • 10% off Maintenance Kits (everything you need for a sunless session)

Pearl Basic  

  • 1 Per Month
  • 8 Hour Solution
  • 10% off Sunless Product


  • 1 Every 6 Days
  • 8 Hour Solution
  • 15% off Sunless Products


  • 1 Every 6 Days
  • 3 Hour Solution
  • 20% off Sunless Products

3 month minimum membership or early termination fee of $54.95 will be applied-
sunless autopay only


Stay on Auto Pay?

Ask of STAFF Member for Details

Do I really need to use lotion?

Yes. Using indoor tanning lotions will provide the essentials of effective tanning: hydration, nutrition, and oxygenation. First, dry skin will actually reflect, rather than absorb ultraviolet light and exfoliates much faster. Second, the skin needs nutrients such as tyrosine, magnesium, copper, and zinc in order to tan. If these nutrients are absent or present in small amounts, the tanning process will be slowed or halted. The natural, vitamin rich products sold at ROLTanning are fundamental to the skin’s appearance and ability to tan and to replenish necessary nutrition to skin cells, promoting cell regeneration and oxygenation. Oxygen fuels skin cell functions, thereby accelerating the process. Our trained STAFF will recommend the appropriate products for you.


  • NO-AD

Why can’t I use lotion from a discount store?

Non-salon quality lotions contain ingredients that erode the acrylic surface of the tanning equipment. Even if the label says it is for indoor tanning, the cheap ingredients they contain actually create tiny fissures in the acrylic that will not allow the light to pass, diminishing results. The more often a salon has to replace acrylics due to poor lotions such as baby oil and brands available in discount stores, the higher their prices will need to be to absorb those costs. In addition, some cheaper ingredients such as mineral oil are actually bad for the skin.